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A Family Law Attorney Advocating For Clients And Their Children

Issues related to children are likely to be the most stressful and difficult decisions in your divorce or paternity matter. Kids can quickly get caught in the middle of a dispute they had nothing to do with. For these reasons and more, it is especially important to work with a family law attorney who cares deeply about the well-being of children in family law matters and will work tirelessly to protect your relationship with your kids.

That’s what you’ll find when you hire Cheryl B. Jeter, PLLC. Ms. Jeter and her staff will help you resolve all child-related family law matters, including:

  • Custody (conservatorship)
  • Child support
  • Modifications of court orders (such as custody and support)
  • Domestic violence
  • Paternity matters
  • Adoptions

Conservatorship (Child Custody) In Texas: An Overview

When parents are involved in a divorce or a paternity action, the courts decide which parent will be the one who determines the principal residence of the child. Along with awarding custody of a child, there are rights and duties that each parent is awarded, which are just as important as the exclusive right to determine the domicile of the child.

The court takes into consideration many factors to determine which parent would be the best parent for the child to live with. The following, adapted from Texas Family Code § 153.134, are just some of the factors a court considers when making a custody determination:

  • Which parent has been the child’s primary caretaker?
  • Has there been any alcohol abuse, drug use or mental illness impacting a parent’s ability to care for a child?
  • The proximity of each parent to the child’s school so the child can continue schooling without interruption.
  • The financial ability of a parent to properly care for a child.
  • Whether the physical, psychological or emotional needs and development of the child benefit from the appointment of one parent over the other parent.
  • The ability of the parent to give first priority to the welfare of the child and reach shared decisions in the child’s best interests.
  • Whether each parent can encourage and accept a positive relationship between the child and the other parent.
  • The geographic proximity of the parents.
  • Has there been any family violence?
  • Whether a child aged 12 or older has a preference regarding their primary residence.
  • What is in the best interest of the child?

Cheryl B. Jeter handles numerous child custody issues and is highly experienced in presenting a party’s case in a hearing for temporary orders, in hearings on modifying orders and at final trials regarding custody as well as the rights and duties that accompany a custody determination.

Modification Of Orders Relating To All Issues Concerning Children

A parent can petition the court to modify orders pertaining to children regarding many issues, including pick and drop-off times, travel issues, educational issues, telephone access, extracurricular activities, places where to pick up and drop off, child support, custody, invasive medical rights, religious rights, health insurance issues, holiday issues and geographical restriction issues. Cheryl B. Jeter is experienced in all types of modifications in Texas and can advise you of how courts treat these issues and what to expect when you file a modification.

Get Your Questions Answered In An Initial Consultation

Cheryl B. Jeter, PLLC serves clients in Harris County and throughout the surrounding areas. To schedule an initial consultation with a family law attorney who really listens, call our Houston office at 281-730-8104 or fill out our online contact form.